House open to the landscape in Lloret de mar / Gerona

Amplitude, modernity and lightness

This three-storey house is situated in a strategic location with fantastic views over the Mediterranean Sea. The project of vilablanch Interior wanted to provide an aesthetically sleek and modern housing, without stealing an iota of protagonism to the landscape that is filtered from each of the Windows.

  • House open to the landscape in Lloret de mar, Gerona
  • House open to the landscape in Lloret de mar, Gerona
  • House open to the landscape in Lloret de mar, Gerona
  • House open to the landscape in Lloret de mar, Gerona
  • House open to the landscape in Lloret de mar, Gerona
  • House open to the landscape in Lloret de mar, Gerona
  • House open to the landscape in Lloret de mar, Gerona
  • House open to the landscape in Lloret de mar, Gerona
  • House open to the landscape in Lloret de mar, Gerona
Fotografía: Albert Font Estilismo: Mar Requena
The order

The house is constructed in an elevated land over a slope and enjoys impressing views facing the sea. The dwelling is the second residency of the painter Ana María Scifani, who looked of a summer house with style and with own personality.

The studio vilablanch had to work over the base of an architectonic project already concluded and received the order to redefine and maximize the interior distribution, making an integral interior design project for this new house.

The result had to be a house with three floors, wide, modern, luminous and that allowed enjoying to the maximum the views.

Original space

The house of new construction is sat over a ground of about 400 meters squared.

The total surface built is of 435 meter squared distributed in three floors:

  1. The ground floor, 157 meters squared in total, of which 24 meters correspond to the porch, 65 m” are destined to the garage and 68 correspond to the living.
  2. The first floor, 179 meters squared in total, 103m2 are destined to the living, plus two terrace of 50 and 26 m2 respectively.
  3. The second floor sums up a total of 99 m2; completely destined to the dwelling (the principal dorm and the bathroom sum 40 m2).
The Project

The main goal of vilablanch when making the project for this house was to get the most of the excellent location. And that meant, not only not to hide the views of the landscape, but to find solutions that respected it and made it even more valuable. These were the main interventions:

  • The first floor was a diaphone space where is located the day zone. The solution of the vilablanch studio to better distribute the space and preserve the views was to design a big fireplace, almost sculptural, with wrought iron plates suspended from the ceiling.
  • The fireplace is located in the staircase; to not to advance the views over the that way, when entering the living room, you can plenty enjoy the views. Acts as a separator element that improves the privacy of the ground floor, since it also hides the transit in the staircase seen from the living room. Organizes the space, with a reading zone in front of itself, the living room in one side and the dining room in the other.
  • About the finishes, the goal was to create an elegant and modern environment. The walls were painted in toasted flour color. The pavement in the first floor is a porcelain stone grey and in the second floor is parquet of ipe wood.
Proyecto de interiorismo. Fachada y recibidor
Interior design Project. Facade and hall

The back part of the land of this property is reserved for the gardened zone. The important set of the entry, with the left access door, in dark wood and the white gate for the cars at right, is visually protected by the presence of the garden.

The entry door, in ipe wood and crystal, was made as a vertical lattice that reminds of the Mediterranean houses. That how the access that allows the entrance of light in the ground floor was created, and that, at the same time, keeps the intimacy of the dwelling.

When opening the door, we find with an obscure runway as in a rug, made in the same ipe wood, that matches the wide of the door leaf of the entry. The change of material grants prominence to the hall, at the same time that accentuates the large and narrow proportion and leads the attention to the staircase.

In this corridor, as an sculptural way, the “S” chair by Tom Dixon for Cappellini.

The illumination in the ceiling has been made with the Cilindro lamps from Viabizzuno, placed in pairs to create a continuous sensation.

Proyecto de interiorismo. La terraza
Interior design Project. Terrace

Form dining-living room you can access the terrace through a glass and aluminum enclosure with two large slides, with opening in the central zone and two fixed lateral panels.

The terrace floor is the same in the whole house to give more continuity when the access is open. The terrace is covered with Durmi lattice.

In the terrace was placed the extrawall sofa, by Piero Lissoni for Living Divani, in its outdoor version. A modular and versatile system that allows to seat in the entire perimeter. 

Proyecto de interiorismo. Dormitorio
Interior design Project. Bedroom

The main bedroom, of squared floor, has a big window in the corner that offers the best views over the sea, in which the bed is oriented.

Behind the bed, a low cabinet headboard from Cappellini, lacquered in white. Behind the headboard, a huge closet from Molteni is placed, in lacquered moka color, for the series Gliss.

The bedroom also counts with a desk zone, with a really light aesthetic. In the lateral wall is located a suspended module, lacquered as the headboard, from Cappellini as well, in which the Atollo lamp was placed, from Oluce.

Close to the window, a desk made of wood from the Pass system from Molteni, which allows suspending the TV and hiding the cables behind a tape over the table. In front, the iconic Saarinem chair from Knoll.

Interior design project. Bathroom

In the bathroom have been placed to big horizontal volumes made of stone at different levels. The superior module is used as a support to place the hand wash and the inferior one works as a bench to seat when going out of the shower.

The walls were covered with a mosaic from Bissaza. The parquet is from ipe wood.

Proyecto de interiorismo. Cocina
Interior design project. Kitchen

The kitchen is made in stone grey color with the Vela Aluminio system from DADA, a system of frontal doors stratified and aluminum edges to proportionate more durability, and linear handles made of aluminum too.  

The left wall and the back were furnished with columns from DADA, to have the maximum capacity of storage. These columns have the fridge, the oven and the microwave, from Gaggenau, warm grey color.

The cooking zone is place the central island Banco model, with suspended furitre of teak wood and worktop of stone grey.

Interior design Project. Living room

The living room was furnished with a few but relevant elements. In the center was located a big sofa in L shape. Is the model Wall by Piero Lissoni for Living Divani.

A lacquered in red a module from Cappellini, used as a TV close the zone have been chosen two armchairs of red leather and retro inspiration, from Fritz Hansen.

The floor lamp Glo Ball, from Flos. Center table Isole from Cappellini and auxiliary table from Molteni.

Proyecto de interiorismo. Comedor
Interior design Project. Dining room

To the right of the fireplace we have the access to the kitchen, through some sliding panels of 1,5 meters and 2,2 meters, that allow to isolate it or communicate it with the living room.

In front of the kitchen is found the dining room, integrated in the living room, with a Mondo table from Cappellini, the chairs Lia from Zanotta and the screen-printed container from Cappellini, by Paul Smith.

Proyecto de interiorismo. Salón, zona de chimenea
Interior design Project. Living room, fireplace

The first floor is occupied for the kitchen, the courtesy bathroom and a huge living room with sea views and access to the covered terrace.

The views from the living room are spectacular, for that it was decided that, when coming up the stairs, the windows would be partially hidden by the huge suspended fireplace. In this way, it was created an effect of impact, without “advancing” the view of the landscape, but that the views were plenty enjoyed once the fireplace was passed.

The vilablanch studio designed the rectangular fireplace of iron plate welded as a sculpture and suspended from the ceiling, of 225 cms of length and 60 cms wide centered in the middle of the stairs. Below was placed a base for the ashes, the same size as the suspended volume.

The fireplace is used to divide and increase the privacity of the dwelling, since it makes the living room and the kitchen zone that occupies the stairs independent, from which is accessed the night zone.

In front of the fire place a reading zone was created with the Gilda armchair from Zanotta, a wood stool treated with oil from the firm e15 and an Oluce lamp. The rug is from Paola Lenti, designed by Patricia Urquiola.