Exhibition design for Lasser

Transparencies on a monochromatic background

To ensure a high visual impact for Lasser´s products, Minim created an innovative exhibition concept for the leading bath screen manufacturer. The proposal included recreating a bath and painting its elements the same, bright color, so as to make the product visible despite its transparency.

  • Exhibition design for Lasser
Fotografía: Carme Macià
The project

    Lasser hired graphic designer Xavier Bas to develop the new corporate image of the leading bathroom manufacturer. The commission included the creation of the website, new catalogs and corporate image.

    Xavier asked vilablanch the challenge of helping him with the product's ambiance for the catalog. The challenge was important: how to show a product whose main quality is transparency?, how to portray the invisible? We had several working sessions with Xavier and the photographer Carme Macià. Recreating a bathroom and reproducing it as a set-up posed a basic difficulty. The protagonism would be for the other elements of the bathroom: faucets, sanitary ware, ceramics.

    vilablanch proposed to Bas and Lasser an innovative approach: to create spaces of baths in which all the elements but the wall are painted in a same color, so that the elements outside the screen lose protagonism when diluted in a homogenous background. The colors had to be strong. By contrast, the transparency of the screen takes center stage. As Lasser has different models, for each model a shower module was manufactured in a different color, adding vitality to the catalog, and facilitating the product classification proposed by Bas.

    For the photographs the industrial scene of Fabra i Coats was chosen.