Hairdressing Malamujer / Barcelona

Unique hair salon located in Barcelona´s Ensanche district

A space full of contrasts. Fuchsia and black create a theatrical atmosphere at this trendy salon in downtown Barcelona. The challenge was to create an environment of strong aesthetics, economic efficiency and a functional distribution of space. The result: Barcelona's most chic salon.

  • Hairdressing Malamujer. Barcelona
Fotografía: Joan Mundó Estilismo: Mar Requena
The order

The aim was to create a unique hairdressing salon in Barcelona, aimed at a demanding and restless public, seeking a quality cut and original aesthetic solutions. An open public to accept the challenge of a "change of look" by highly trained professionals who know what they are doing.

The name of the hairdresser "Malamujer", is a provocative wink to that public that looks for something more than a cut well done. The design of the premises should convey this message with aesthetic level of maximum quality.

The three basic attributes of the business should be: quality, innovation-creativity and low risk.

Interior design project

The place presented interesting structural irregularities and several levels to which they were made the most.

  • The first strategic decision was to take advantage of the existence of a large showcase of four meters by four, to create a space of great visual force, something theatrical, in that "stage at the foot of the street", convey the image and desired values.
  • It was decided to highlight the level changes with the use of two types of pavements, which also help to create zoning.
  • In the first floor was located the court room, a waiting area, reception, laundry area, bathroom and a support area (warehouse and engine room).
  • On the second floor was located the dye area, another waiting room, and an area for employees and reserved for possible expansion.
  • In line with the name and the commission to create an innovative and transgressive hairdresser were decided corporate colors: white, black, and fuchsia.
Interior design project: Façade

Taking advantage of the large dimensions of the showcase was created a space of great visual strength, with a theatrical atmosphere marked by fuchsia color and decorative elements of great impact.

It was decided to locate the court hall in this area The main action, the court, should happen in plain view. The rest of the spaces were raised in a less striking way, to enhance the protagonism of the court room.

Interior design project: Toilet

The toilet is a small space, functional and aesthetically has great visual strength. The walls are painted in fuchsia, with partial coverings in black ceramic.

L-shaped top and mirror for easy viewing from different angles. The light is discreet, and two suspended cylinders of Viabizzuno accentuate the geometry of the ceramic pieces, pike and odorless.

Dye zone

To the second floor we access from the reception by a staircase in aluminum plate. On the stairs, a cylinder lamp of Viabizzuno.

In the zone of dyes is also used rubber floor, only that in black color to give more resistance to the stains. The two toilets are built in U-shaped steel plate, like that of the cutting room. The black, suspended, articulated arm dryer releases the floor from vertical elements that make it difficult to pass.

In the right dresser, the mirror is placed free from the wall, taking advantage of a structural unevenness. After the mirror, the light from a Viabizzuno wall light creates a theatrical effect.

Washbasin area

The reception gives way, to the right, and descending by a staircase, to the laundry area. The stair railing is a very light U-shaped structure. Here the pavement changes, using, as in the staircase, an anodized aluminum sheet with non-slip relief.

This washing area is located in a space at a lower height. A work platform coated in aluminum plate creates a structural island that supports the head washers, while hiding the necessary installations.

All this is framed with a picture in shiny black ceramic on the bottom wall, where shelves and towel racks were placed.

The head washers are designed by Phillipe Starck, shaped like an armchair. The back and base hide the facilities. The headrest is supported by the backrest.

Waiting area and reception

Between the cutting area and the waiting area, a decorative display cabinet in DM painted black with a strip in laminated glass allows to expose and store the material of sale, while zoning the space. The height of the furniture is in line with the structure of the second floor. The interior base of the exhibitor is painted in fuchsia.

To the right of the exhibitor, the waiting area, which could be transformed into additional cut area, symmetrical to the current one, depending on the growth of the business.

Cutting room

The living room is a space of double height, which was highlighted with mirrors 3.8 meters high and 70 cms wide. These mirrors rise from the floor and extend to reach the level that marks the architectures of the window and the second floor.

As a worktable for cutting, a U-shaped structure 3.8 meters long was created with a curved single-piece iron and vibrated steel 2 mm thick.

The chairs are the model Bombo, of Magis, in white polypropylene, material easy to clean. At the top, and accentuating the theatricality of space, three sculptural lamps with screens in black cloth. They were designed especially for space and were placed with the inclined support.