Duplex Paseo Bonanova / Barcelona

A great Duplex in Barcelona.

vilablanch implemented this project in a duplex house in a newly built property in an exclusive area of Barcelona. We decided to unify three rooms in a unique space that is used as a lounge, kitchen and dining room. The space is very bright, and gives access to a wide terrace overlooking the city of Barcelona. Exclusive furniture from the best italian brands was used at the project.

  • Duplex Paseo Bonanova, Barcelona
  • Duplex Paseo Bonanova, Barcelona
  • Duplex Paseo Bonanova, Barcelona
  • Duplex Paseo Bonanova, Barcelona
The order

The owners of this duplex ordered the reformation of the dwelling to vilablanch studio with to clear goals.

  • They wanted a luminous dwelling, which would take advantage of all the light that offers its elevated height in the building in the upper zone of Barcelona.
  • Wanted to dispose wide and well-connected environments that would be comfortable for the daily life.

The original dwelling had a distribution heavily compartmentalized, with accesses to all the spaces through some distributors. A central hall gave way to the superior zone of the duplex.

Before, there was a second distribution for the access to the spaces on the first floor, bathroom, two bedrooms, living rooms and kitchen.

The Project

The interior design project consisted on unify the different spaces to achieve a more diaphone and rational distribution, and direct the principal spaces of the house to the luminous windows of the terrace.

  • The first step was to delete the two existing distributors to create a unique hall space, with great natural light entry from the dining living room. This hall gives access to the second floor, where are places the two children rooms, a bathroom and a wide living room.
  • The old living dining room and the kitchen have been unified, which were parallel stays but independent, in one big unique space used as lving room, kitchen and dining room. The environment is completely exterior, very luminous and that give access to the wide terrace.
  • The walls of the whole dwelling were painted in toasted flour color.
  • The parquet chosen is made of tropical wood in dark colors. The heating was planned with flat radiators Runtal, and the illumination was solved with Flos’ lamps.
Proyecto de interiorismo. Cocina
Interior design project. Kitchen

The distribution of the household started in the kitchen that is located in the most inner area of the large space, this means, the living room, the dining room and the kitchen. 

At the back we find the water zone, in a niche, surrounded by high and low furniture in addition to columns at the extrems. The columns are close to the fridge, oven and storage areas. This distribution is visually atractive thanks to its symmetry and central niche. At the same time this distribution allows a great use of the space. 

A central island contains the cooking zone with induction plates from Gaggenau.

This model of the italian firm DADA is an original concept of island. The idea is to raise furniture as hanging modules. In this case, a structure with four legs, as a simulation of a high table,  holds volums of kitchen furniture that hang and do not reach the floor. Done it this way, the structure gains visually protagonism and lightness to the composition.

A similar but smaller structure that functions as a table has been attached to ninety degrees. This solution allows one stucture to enter under the other and be more collected, or extract it and create a large surface when it's necessary. 

Proyecto de interiorismo. Terraza
Interior design project. Terrace

A wooden floor and plants were placed on the terrace to create a warm atmosphere. The platform creates a connection with the interior parquet. Paola Lenti pieces have been placed: the carpet, the sunbed and the fuchsia pouf

Proyecto de interiorismo. Dormitorio y baño
Interior design project. Bedroom and bathroom

The hall gives access to the upper floor by the stairs to which a sliding glass door was placed to isolate the two floors and provide natural light to the hall. The stairs give access to the bedroom, very bright, and with terrace views. The bed is the Clip, by Molteni, designed by Patricia Urquiola.

A sliding door makes the study room independent, which gives way to a dressing room bathroom. A large U-shaped closet, from Molteni, and a turquoise blue sink area, which brings a note of color to the general sobriety of the house.

En el vestidor, el espejo de la puerta corredera en composición con el espejo del lavamanos. La zona de aguas es una caja blanca con tarima de madera. Unas ranuras de cristal en vertical permiten la entrada de luz natural.

In the dressing room we find the mirror of the sliding door in composition with the mirror of the sink. Also, the water zone is a white box with wooden flooring. To concude the dressing room, vertical glass slots allow natural light to enter.

Interior design project. Living room

The living room is organized around a large sofa named extra wall by Living Divani, a modular sofa, with a higher module in the center and seating areas on both sides.

The sofa creates two areas, one for reading, which is oriented towards the bookstore, and another for relaxing with a chaise lounge that looks outwards and to a Cappellini container cabinet. It is a landscape volume, in bright white, which has an audio and video systems.

Para crear un ambiente recogido, se colocó una alfombra y una butaca orejero con su pouf, modelo “huevo”, diseño de Fritz Hansen, en color fucsia, que aporta un punto de color a esta zona. 
To create a warm environment, a carpet and a wing chair with its pouf, “huevo” model, design by Fritz Hansen, in fuchsia color, gives a color point to this area were placed.