Common areas of the Burés house, the interior design project / Barcelona

Interior design and restoration of Casa Burés common areas. A project focused on recover the original elements supported with new materials that do not compete with the old ones.

  • Zonas comunes Casa Burés by vilablanch

The common areas of Casa Burés are located in different parts  of the building. There is a hall, where we can find a Grizzly Bear Life Size Statue hugging a lamp. The majestic hall is covered by a skylight and a stained glass colors with pentagonal shape. This area follows the interior design concept applied in the noble residences.

There are more common areas in the basement;  a water area with a pool and a Spa, a gym,  a party area which includes an open kitchen, a dinning room and a, a multi-purpose room.  This areas follows the interior design concept applied in the lofts.