Восстановление дома в стиле модерн в Эшампле / Барселона

Проект тщательного восстановления, который сохраняет первоначальную эссенцию 400 м2  дома с богатой историей.

Студия интерьера vilablanch превратила столетнюю квартиру в Эшампле в Барселоне в удобное жилое пространство, максимально сохранив оригинальные элементы дома и дав новую функциональность каждому пространству.

Pictures: Maria Comas
The Project

The main challenge of this project was to turn a modernist floor of great historical value in a dwelling to be lived, that respected to the maximum the original elements and that allowed every member of the family to have their own space, with their singularities. 

These have been the key to make this challenge come true:

  • To adapt the project to the necessities and requirements of our two clients: the user and the space
  • To maintain the original state to the maximum, respecting and restoring the elements with historical value
  • To give use and functions to the spaces to conserve the original distribution without reinventing new rooms.
  • To organize the spaces of the dwelling with a 360º circulation, locating the kitchen in the center
  • To give a lot of strength to the zones with natural light
  • To choose intentionally the furniture and the lighting, respecting and living with the global scenography  of the dwelling
  • Hiding the installations of water, light, air conditioning… in order to not interact with the original elements of the house.