Gallina Blanca Culinary Innovation Center / Barcelona

Clear and functional design, which conveys the values of innovation of the brand.

Fotografía: Eugeni Pons

The Gallina Blanca culinary innovation center is located in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona), on the ground floor of the Realia BCN Tower, an office building designed by the architect Toyo Ito.

As Plaça Europa was a place of passage, mainly of road traffic, a fundamental premise was to quickly and clearly understand the presence of Gallina Blanca. For this, and taking advantage of the transparent facade of the premises, its name is projected to great size from the interior.

The space

With perimeter box of glass, diaphanous and rectangular, of which the columns with the original treatment of concrete of construction were conserved. And with a particular conditioner: a part of the curved plant. In order to be a provocative space, two large volumes of functions containers painted in yellow were created, the corporate color of Gallina Blanca. These volumes, which by the shape can remember that of the containers of the mark, are not placed orthogonally, but rotated.

The kitchen

    One of these volumes houses a culinary laboratory-kitchen for R & D products. Inside the white reigns, which evokes the concept of purity and the idea of ​​the egg and the hen. The floor, white continuous pavement, is suitable for use in the food industry. The walls were tiled with white 20 x 20 matte ceramics to convey the essentiality of traditional kitchens. It emphasizes a central element, a table-island Dada model of light appearance, with structure of anodized aluminum and stainless steel worktop, equipped with 9 induction plates Bosch, under 5 built-in extractor hoods Novy. Distributed along one of the walls are Bosch appliances, two sinks and a series of built-in white laminate cabinets, model Vela, from Dada. In the other is the refrigerator, also of Bosch. There is an area (hidden) for cleaning equipment and sinks with access from the hall. In the side that gives to the street the logo of Gallina Blanca was viniló.

    The reunion rooms

    The other volume was allocated to meeting rooms. One for the CEOs of the company and another for general meetings. Furnished with Pey de Mobles 114 tables and Light Ribbed de Luxy chairs bought in MINIM, they are divided by sliding panels of insulated acoustic that allow to convert two scopes into one; when they are opened, the respective tables are joined, by repetition of their measurements, connected as the pieces of a mechano, and the two rooms become a visual unit. A perpendicular painted wall of graphite gray cuts off the volume completely, so that a part penetrates this solution to challenge the curvature of the plant at this point. In the room for the managers a platform suspended on the table houses the systems of lighting of Viabizzuno for MINIM and audio, it provides a good acoustics avoiding reverberation, and contributes a more human scale since the ceiling rises 5 m. It has an independent reception that ensures privacy regarding the kitchen area, cloakroom, and a space of 3 m that constitutes an exact replica of the super linear, to recreate and test marketing strategies in real conditions. Natural light enters this room through a skylight, and through a small window to the other. Next to the door of this last the logos of the different marks of the group Gallina Blanca were vinced. Between both volumes a multipurpose table was set up, useful for moments of expansion of dynamic meetings that can be carried out in a ludic environment, in sight and facing the outside, informal lunches or events. The furniture (table Dada Bench with lacquered aluminum structure and Silestone countertop, Enea Lottus stools and Lenticchiade Viabizzuno lamps bought in MINIM) was selected in white, as a chromatic counterpoint to the skin of the volumes.