Interior design studio in Barcelona

Estudio vilablanch is guided by the firm conviction that every interior design project is based on two key elements: the user and the space. It is only when these two voices converge that a project comes to life and has a long future ahead. 

The clients or end users of the space provide their functional requirements, their aesthetic preferences, and a budget that has to be followed; none of these factors can be underestimated. Those who will be inhabiting the space over the years have to be convinced of the reasons why certain solutions were chosen over others. That is why, in the initial meetings, vilablanch develops the conceptualization of the project jointly with its clients, taking into account both their current considerations and their plans for the future.

The space to be developed in the project can be a totally neutral, newly built space or a building with a rich past–or anything between those two polar opposites. A space that is new or lacking in special character allows for a bolder project that makes a strong statement; on the other hand, if the space has a powerful voice of its own, it will call for careful consideration of the elements in its heritage that ought to be preserved or even highlighted, such as richly decorated art nouveau ceilings or colorful tile floors.


The project's conceptualization is the result of combining those two voices, that of the user and that of the space, following Estudio vilablanch's own methodology. Based on an initial analysis with the clients to determine how they will be living in the space, how they intend to use it, and what kind of flexibility they will need considering their plans for the future, vilablanch helps them channel their wishes in a rational way, adapting them to the specific space, which in turn has been considered as an entity in its own right. The concept that arises from this convergence will then guide the strategy throughout the development of the interior design project. From that moment on, at each crossroads along the way, the different options for the project are analyzed, weighing them against each other and rationalizing them in order to make the soundest decision. When in doubt, vilablanch and the clients go back to the original concept so as to reconsider what solutions are most consistent with that underlying narrative thread. This approach enables the clients and the vilablanch team to be entirely confident that each step they take is the result of a rational decision–a decision that is part of a process, above and beyond seductive aesthetics or striking effects. And that underlying rationality is what allows the project to move forward without hurdles towards an outcome that adheres to the original concept that was initially agreed upon with the client.

To achieve these goals, Estudio vilablanch adapts to the requirements of each endeavor, relying on its own team, creating mixed teams with architects, or collaborating with leading developers to conceptualize and develop their real estate ventures, be they renovation or new building projects.

Interior design studio in Barcelona

The values behind vilablanch

Over the years, the studio has developed a set of values that constitute the basis on which its interior design team builds its projects. Their application depends on the requirements for each specific case, ranging from the utmost care for the original elements when restoring a historic landmark to pursuing the greatest possible expressive force in a neutral space.

Functionality - Designing interiors that meet the functional requirements of the customer. The spaces should have a comfortable and rational distribution.

Aesthetic: expressivity and simplicity- Some projects require a great personality, a great expressive power. This is especially relevant in public spaces. The challenge is to achieve great visual impact with a right, controlled and rational selection of materials.

Simple and rationals solutions - The projects must take into account construction difficulties, both technical and  economic. vilablanch offers rational solutions that optimize the economic investment and facilitate the implementation of the project.

Rational solutions - Any project must consider the difficulty of its implementation, both in terms of its cost and its technical considerations. Estudio vilablanch offers rational solutions that optimize the investment and streamline project execution.

Respect for the space - Maximize the possibilities of each space, while retaining all the original elements that have historical or contextual value. When working on old spaces, the new elements should not compete or imitate the original elements of the space, but should contrast or remain neutral to enhance the unique characteristics of the existing space.