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Interior architecture consulting for developers

In addition to its ventures in renovating residential spaces in landmark buildings and offering a complete and competitive turnkey service, vilablanch specializes in consulting for real estate developers and contractors. This service can be complemented with the development of an interior decorating project.

Up until today, the studio has been responsible for a large number of projects, in Barcelona and Madrid, done in collaboration with architects, developers, and contractors who seek a reliable partner for planning the interiors of their new buildings and real estate developments.

Interior architecture consulting for developers

Within this area, estudio vilablanch is an expert at playing three specific roles: 

  • Consultant for a developer or contractor, helping it to define its target users and to conceptualize both the spaces and the look & feel of the future homes. 
  • Interior architect for a developer or contractor, developing the interior design project and defining the materials, finishes, flooring, kitchens and bathrooms, lighting, and furniture layout to be applied. 
  • Model apartment designer. In addition to the interior design project, vilablanch offers the option of acting as the interior stylist, selecting all the objects, artworks, and decorative elements that give the space the look of a real, lived-in home. This project can be implemented by creating an actual space or with renderings to be used by the real estate sales teams.
Interior architecture consulting for developers
Interiorism and restoration project for Casa Burés
Consulting service

Sound advice from the start

Before beginning to define an interior design project, it is essential to have a thorough knowledge of the target group for the space that is going to be designed. That is why vilablanch has specialized in offering developers a consulting service that focuses on helping them define their potential end users and the look & feel that best suits those profiles. 

Given the experience that vilablanch has acquired over more than 15 years developing projects for end users, the studio is well aware of the demands of the different user types. Their preferences according on their nationality, family situation (single, couple, family with children), social and cultural status, and lifestyle configure the background that enables the vilablanch team to help the developers' marketing and innovation teams to come up with a precise definition of the user profiles for each real estate development.

Once the different profiles have been defined, vilablanch moves on to define the functional and layout needs for each target user, as well as the look & feel that is best suited for each case. This conceptual definition is then used to develop an interior design project that materializes that creative concept through a series of specific proposals. In this stage, the studio charts out the layout for the home, the design for each specific area (bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, living room), what materials will be used, what the finishes will be, how the lighting will be arranged, what furniture will be chosen... everything, down to the last detail.

Consulting services and projects for developers
Solvia housing development in Sant Andreu de Llavaneres
Model apartment

When a project comes to life

Estudio vilablanch offers developers and contractors the option of materializing the interior design project in a model apartment that enables them to give specific shape to their underlying concepts and turn an empty space into a space to be lived in.

This service includes execution of the interior design project and selection of furniture for the home and all the style elements (lighting, decoration, plants, art, housewares).

In certain cases, vilablanch performs an additional interior design service for end users after they have purchased their home from a real estate developer or builder. The studio's in-depth knowledge of the space places it at an advantage for advising the homeowners, helping them personalize their home according to their particular needs and preferences.

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