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vilablanch participates in the Symposium of furniture and wood restoration in Barcelona


Vanessa Surís, architect from the vilablanch studio, has participated on the first day of the symposium "Conservation - restoration of furniture and wood. The experience of the experts " that has taken place in Barcelona during March 24 and 25, 2019. Vanessa has presented the interior design project of the Casa Burés in Barcelona, focusing on exposing how the interior design project has managed to turn this modernist jewel of Barcelona into a 21st-century residential building, without losing its original essence. To do this, the restoration of architectonic and decorative elements that were found in good conditions were accompanied of new elements that didn't compete or imitate the old ones.

The Barcelona Design Museum and the Estudi del Moble Association organize this symposiumas a labor of  investigation, conservation and restoration that technicians exercise in the main institutions.
With the help of various experts in this field, the attendees were able to learn about several fundamental aspects of professional practice, in addition to learn about the latest technical innovations and the identity of historical and artistic values in the works, also, an the importance of preventive conservation for safeguarding and use of art heritage.