Ephemeral projects

Pianorig Tristano Vilablanch.JPG
vilablanch designs p:anorig, the new moving scenography of the musician Francesco Tristano. One structure based in the use of the individual elements, self-transportable, light and versatile, inspired by the silhouette of the grand piano.
Exposición Coderch comisariada por vilablanch
Exhibition in homage to José Antonio Coderch on the occasion of the 101st anniversary of his birth. The tribute included a documentary and a book about the architect.
“Al dente” en el restaurante il giardinetto Barcelona
Instalación íntegramente de pasta para el restaurante il Giardinetto de Barcelona
Black and White 360º. Casa Decor 2003
Espacio conceptual de gran pureza estética
Stand Lasser Madrid

Stand Lasser / Madrid

Latest trends in screens, draft designs of screens
Antiquaris Hall. Barcelona 2009
The merger of the antique and design A table of the 19th century and eight chairs contemporary colours and various materials. An Italian Bank of the 18th with two armchairs which are a reference in the world of design. Delicate tears lamps and a kitchen with an island, all in stainless steel. VilaBlanch again present in the Barcelona Antiquaris Hall where shows antiques can live with contemporary design. A multicoloured and space full of contrasts where every piece, regardless of age, has value in itself.
Antiquaris Hall. Barcelona 2008
Old and contemporary. Experimentation and contrast. Is which the best environment to show pieces of antique shops? Have place the antique in contemporary spaces? VilaBlanch we wanted to take up this challenge and tackle it with an innovative and experimental approach. Place antique pieces in a contemporary setting allows to give force and personality to the space and make the antique vedaderas players.
Arola-Samsung Restaurant. Casa Decor 05
A vibrant green emerald forest. Restaurant Casa Decor Barcelona 05 can be considered as an innovative project: Estudio VilaBlanch decided to take an experimental approach to the project based on light and color. The kitchen is visible from the restaurant. The result was a vibrant green emerald forest.
The light of the white pages. Casa Decor 2003
The creative process: water as a source of life and light This project was carried out in collaboration with Mario Nanni, Viabizzuno. Mario was the originator of the concept and the project; VilaBlanch was its Coordinator and executor in Barcelona in close collaboration with Arcaya team and the team of Viabizzuno.