Residential developments

Interior architecture of a flat in the Eixample
Respecting the original identity of the space and, at the same time, creating a comfortable, functional home with a contemporary aesthetic, was the challenge of the restoration and interior architecture project carried out by the Vilablanch studio on this apartment in Barcelona's Eixample.
Habitar un Coderch vilablanch reforma vivenda Banco Urquijo Barcelona

Habitar un Coderch / Barcelona

Integral reform of a house in the emblematic Banco Urquijo building in Barcelona, work of the master José Antonio Coderch, which recovers the original essence of each space with a contemporary language. We will publish more images soon. 
Dúplex Poblenou vilablanch
vilablanch studio signs the interior architecture project of this old fruit store in the Poblenou neighborhood of Barcelona, that has been transformed into an open, bright and functional duplex, maintaining the original beauty of the staircase wall.
Reforma piso edificio MBM estudio vilablanch
The Vilablanch studio reforms a rationalist apartment from the 70s in Barcelona - constructed by MBM (Martorell, Bohigas, Mackay) - and adapts it to the needs of the 21st century.
Reforma y ampliación de una casa en el Priorat
Estudio vilablanch has carried out the total transformation of a house from the beginning of the 20th century in a small town in Tarragona, with a renovation and expansion that respects the past, with little environmental impact and a moderate budget.
Arquitectura interior de un loft en Ciutat Vella by estudio vilablanch
vilablanch studio transforms an old textile warehouse into a loft with an industrial look, intentionally leaving in sight the elements that show the different stages that the building lived.
Naturality, functionality and minimalism coexist in this family home with a very pure aesthetic, inspired by the Nordic style.
Integral reform of a flat in the Eixample in Barcelona, which recovers the original modernist essence of the house and the combination with an industrial interior design character.
Reforma e interiorismo de una casa en la Bonanova by vilablanch
​Elegant interior design project in a house located in the hight part of Barcelona, where light, wood and art have a main role.
Проект тщательного восстановления, который сохраняет первоначальную эссенцию 400 м2  дома с богатой историей.
Duplex in Gràcia, Barcelona
Una vivienda funcional y de gran pureza estética, en un edificio del arquitecto Oriol Bohigas
Industrial aesthetics inspired in its past Ground floor transformation of the Casa Burés building –where in the past there was a textile company and a garage- into three lofts from among 210 and 230 m2 that recover the original industrial aesthetics of this space.
Noble residences Casa Bures vilablanch
Absolute respect for existing elements Interior design project that transforms the main floor of Casa Burés - which had been the residence of the Burés family - in two impressive 500m2 residences where the originals elements have been recovered and enhanced.
Architectural restoration The basis of this project was truly exceptional: a housing incorporating ancient cloister with 500 years old and an intervention by Antoni Gaudí. Facing a similar challenge, the designers Elina Vilá and Agnès Blanch applied their project philosophy with the utmost rigor and restored and rehabilitated each of the original architectural elements. It is a modern restoration with and honest respect to history.
Atico Casa Bures vilablanch
Clear separation between the new and the existing elements Interior architecture project of the five attics of the Casa Burés, located in the superior floors of the modernist building of Barcelona. Two of the attics are duplex after recovering the antique rooftops. 
Piso Casa Burés by vilablanch
Clear separation between the new and the existing elements Interior architecture project to transform a set of houses located on the first, second and third floors of the Casa Burés, into 16 apartments that recover and enhance its original elements at the same time as they adapt to a contemporary aesthetics and today's needs. 
Hall Casa Bures vilablanch
Spaces that recover its original character The access halls to the building recover all its modernist splendor, after the existing architectural and heritage elements in these spaces are respected and restored. The basement -in the past used as storage for the industrial textile company of Francesc Burés- was transformed into a large common amenity zone with an industrial look inspired in its past.
Восстановление оригинальной эссенции квартиры  в стиле модерн в Барселоне
Современный интерьер в сельской местности
Реабилитация, реутилизации лофта и проект интерьера в промышленном стиле.  
Apartment in the Gòtic Quarter, Barcelona
Proyecto de interiorismo que recupera elementos originales de gran valor histórico
Loft in Barcelona
Total reform inspired by the idea of the industrial loft Interior design project and total reform of an apartment in Balmes, Barcelona. A large living room and a kitchen and a room of integrated into an area inspired by the idea of the industrial loft.
Diaphone and functional dwelling, were the past and the present coexist in harmony.
Flat in the Born district, Barcelona
Interior design project where "the old" and "the new" are contrasted and potentiated.
Stately apartment in Eixample Barcelona
Modernism: contemporary restoration. This project of interior design became a noble floor of the Barcelonian Eixample to a modern, functional and comfortable housing, without losing the singularity of the modernist architecture, or the strength of the original decorative elements on the floor.
Green house in La Fatarella, Tarragona
Sustainable architecture and interior
Flat in the Eixample, Barcelona
Pureza estética, minimalismo y minuciosa restauración de los pavimentos hidráulicos.
Vilablanch-reforma apartamento playa
Renovation of a small apartment in front of the sea, allowing a maximum utilization of space. The color and the light allow to create a very attractive space.
House in Barcelona.

Дом в Барселоне / Барселона

Project and reform integral house in Barcelona.
Brightness and functionality
Duplex in Eixample, Barcelona

Duplex in Eixample / Barcelona

Well connected environments