Studio apartment in the center of Madrid / Madrid / Madrid

The interior architecture project carried out by the vilablanch studio transforms a 35 m2 apartment from the 70s - located in the Plaza de Colón in Madrid - into a functional and multipurpose space, that can be used either as housing or as office. Very thoughtful architectural solutions are applied to achieve maximum comfort and use of space, without giving up a modern and contemporary design.

  • Vivienda-estudio en Centro Colón Madrid vilablanch
  • Vivienda-estudio en Centro Colón Madrid vilablanch
  • Vivienda-estudio en Centro Colón Madrid vilablanch
Photographer: Jordi Folch
An apartment in Madrid center designed to live and work.

The vilablanch studio has refurbished and updated this small flat located in the Centro Colón building in Madrid. The transformation rethinks the dwelling with the objective of making the spaces in the day area polyvalent, devised for both living and working. It also gets rid of superfluous elements to gain luminosity, space and functionality, and opts for a rational selection of materials and furniture that flows in the service of function and form.

Vivienda-estudio en Centro Colón Madrid vilablanch

The house is located in the main building of the Centro Colón in Madrid, built in 1969 by the architect Antonio Perpiñá together with Luis Iglesias.

Initially called the Genova Building - as it appears in the drawings of the project kept in the COAM archive - the Centro Colón was one of the first multi-functional buildings in the city, consisting of a set of small apartments, intended for dwellers with higher mobility requirements or independent residents, commercial premises, offices and parking lots.

The main building is housing and has a set of shared services and common areas, reminiscent of the concept of co-living, which is currently so booming.