Реконструкция дома в городе Фальсет / Таррагона

Diaphone and functional dwelling, were the past and the present coexist in harmony.

The time seems to have stop between the warm past in the village of Falset and the dynamic present that comes with us day-to-day. The interior reformation of this dwelling, carried by the studio vilablanch, conjugates past and present in the same space. This sensation of before and now has been achievable thanks to maintaining the stone structure, the arched ceilings and the wood structures of the doors and windows; combining them with actual architectural forms, the straight line and the white color. 

Fotografía: Eugeni Pons

The space is diaphone. The light covers every corner of the house and can move from one space to another freely since most of the doors have been deleted, creating a continuous space. The white color is the king of the place and occupies the majority of the walls bringing the brightness that most of the old flats in the town lack.

To give a lived flair and break with the aseptic white, the interior designers have given a blue, green and turquoise touch through all the dwelling: furniture, doors, accessories… creating a fresh space, welcoming and enjoyable; the perfect place where, seated in an armchair, you can let the time fly through the window.