Дизайн интерьера и реставрация Дома Burés

Casa Burés, a modernist jewel

Casa Burés is a modernist building on the right side of the Ensanche of Barcelona, which is located in the chamfer of Ausiàs March and Girona streets. A magnificent modernist building, work of Miquel Pascual and Francesc Berenguer, that was built between the years 1900 and 1905.

In total, the building sums 7.000 meters squared distributed in six floors and that is catalogued with a level B of protection as cultural asset and of local interest since 1979. This makes it essential to keep, preserve and renovate all the modernist elements catalogued that compose the building, from the facade to the yard and the interior stairs. A challenge that the architect Juan Trias de Bes, head of the integral rehabilitation’s project, and the interior designers team of vilablanch studio have been able to give answer. Vilablanch studio, specialists in high standing houses restoration, has developed an architectonic and interior design project that could adapt to all the functional necessities, distribution and commodities of the daily life and, at the same time, recover and potentiate to the maximum the original elements of the buildings. 


The project (in progress)


Vilablanch studio has made the interior design and restoration project of a set of dwellings of high standing class in the interior of Casa Burés. It’s an unprecedented residential project in Barcelona, which involves 26 luxury livings from 120 to 500 meters squared, whose architectonic restoration carries the name of the firm of Juan Trias de Bes studio- TDB Arquitectura.


In the first phase, the interior design studio vilablanch did a consulting service that included:

  • Define the public objective for the different dwelling's typologies of the project
  • Detail the way of life, preferences and customs of every public objective
  • Identify the values and attributes appropriate for each target


In a second phase, vilablanch studio defined the interior design project for each typology, thinking about the public objective to which it was addressed. In total, the interior designer’s team developed the interior projects and restoration that for different modalities of livings:

  • Lofts, situated on the ground floor
  • Principals, situated on the principal floor
  • Model floor, situated on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floor.
  • Penthouses, situated on the 3rd and 4th floor.

The project also includes the creation of one water zone and a fitness center on the -1 floor and the recovery on a cover for common use.